Changing manual transmission fluid on a 190E

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This article is a reference for changing the manual transmission fluid on a 190E. Changing the manual transmission fluid is part of the routine maintenance service performed every 15,000 miles.


Time 1 hour
Cost $
Difficulty Easy
Parts required ATF
Applicable models All 190Es with manual transmissions

Choosing a fluid

There are many choices here, but in general you want to use automatic transmission fluid (ATF) as the lubricant for your manual transmission. Below are some examples of fluids that are compatible and safe to use

Fluids may respond differently due to factors such as overall condition of the transmission, driving style, environment, etc... There is no right or wrong fluid to use as long as it's compatible with the transmission. Personal taste is usually the deciding factor, similar to choosing the preferred motor oil to use in your engine.

Fluid Capacities
Transmission Type Capacity (L)
4-speed transmission 716.0 1.6
716.21 1.3
5-speed transmission 717.40 1.6
717.41 1.5
717.43 1.5
717.45 1.7

Tools needed

  • Method to lift vehicle
  • Drain pan
  • Hazet oil service wrench, part number 117 589 02 07 00. 14mm hex, 13mm box end. Or a 14mm hex tool short enough to fit in the transmission tunnel
  • Fluid transfer pump


  1. Lift vehicle such that vehicle is level in the air
  2. Remove oil filler plug first, pay attention as to not lose the metal seal ring.
    1. Perform this item first to make sure there is a method for refilling the transmission with fluid
  3. Remove oil drain plug, pay attention as to not lose the metal seal ring
  4. Once fluid is completely drained, clean drain plug, and reinstall with max torque of 60 Nm
  5. Using the fluid transfer pump, fill the transmission fluid until it overflows from the filler hole
  6. Reinstall oil filler plug
  7. Lower the vehicle, check for leaks