Nut Retainer (201 990 0391)

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Nut Retainer
Part number(s) 201 990 0391
Used on 201


This nut retainer is used in the transmission tunnel of a W201 to mount the rear engine support (transmission mounting plate) to the chassis. 201 990 0391 is specific for manual transmissions while 201 990 1191 is meant for automatic transmissions.

For an automatic to manual transmission swap, only 2 of these pieces are needed to correctly mount the entire rear engine support to the chassis. One set of threaded holes from part 201 990 1191 can be used in conjunction with 201 990 0391 as they both fit within the rail. Obtaining all four nut retainers for manual transmission and completely removing the older part for automatic transmission is also an option.

Removal / Installation

W201 transmission tunnel
  1. Lift vehicle
  2. Remove rear engine support
    1. 17mm original bolt, 16mm new dealer replacement bolt
    2. 2x 13mm bolt for rubber mounting on engine rear mounting
  3. Using a flat-head screwdriver, you can pry the nut retainer(s) out towards the front of the engine through the holes in the rail.
  4. Installation is reverse
Tightening Torques
Description Nm
Engine support M10 40
Engine support M8 20